Halloween Dinner

Game meat inspired menu…. we test the possibilities of fine dining using a vast collection of ingredients.

Halloween Dinner

The Cataract Gorge Cliff Grounds, a Victorian garden nestled in Launceston, transforms into a realm of culinary adventure and eerie delight this October.

As the moon casts its glow, the grounds become a stage for a gastronomic journey, where game meat delicacies challenge the palate amidst a backdrop of ghostly whispers.

It’s an invitation to embrace the spirit of Halloween, to don costumes and partake in a feast that celebrates both the season’s spookiness and its culinary innovations. The event promises a night where every turn might reveal a new surprise, setting the scene for an unforgettable experience on the 26th of October.

Menu: 5 courses to be announced after each course (please advise any dietary requirements prior to the evening)

Degustation menu-$85 per person

Degustation Menu with hand selected wines from our cellar $125 per person

A little extra: Our wonderful staff will be meeting guests in the top car park and walking them down to the restaurant through the gardens.

We will be decorating the grounds with Halloween decorations for guests to enjoy.